GIM Academics

Quality-based market research needs theoretical grounding. Since the beginning of the research work for our customers, our research has been based on a solid foundation of scientifically approved methods.

Two things are elementary for us to be able to answer the most diverse questions of our customers at the accustomed GIM quality level: optimally trained junior staff and the close exchange with academic research. This is what we call GIM Academics!

With its active involvement in the university landscape, GIM emphasizes this scientific foundation, which has always been close to our hearts.

We want to promote young talent through a wide variety of cooperation in academic teaching, but we also want to combine practice with theory and thus create synergy effects. Students receive relevant insights into everyday research, we receive new impulses and important feedback on our applied research. 

The GIM Academics combine practical experience and theory.

What do our GIM Academics do?


Some of our GIM Academics

Patricia Blau

Corporate Director
Consumer Health, FMCG and Social Media Research

Ron Degen

Research Director
Quantitative Methods, Statistical Analysis Methos

Dominic Eberhardt

Senior Research Manager
Human-centered Research, Qualitative Social Research

Manuel Fastuca

Senior Research Manager
Moderation Techniques Qualitative Market Research

Dr. Hannes Fernow

Senior Research Manager
Trends and Future: Needs, Values and Everyday Life

Lutz Goldschmidt

Senior Legal Counsel
Qualitative Market Research Methods, B2B Research

Dr. Tomas Jerković

Research Director
Methods and moderation techniques in qualitative market research, brand research

Sebastian Klein

Research Director
Home and Technology; Design, Ethnography, Social Media

Eva von Rennenkampff

Senior Research Manager
Pharma, FMCG
Qualitative Methods

Dr. Daniel Schwarz

Senior Research Manager & Consultant
B2B, Industrial Goods; Quantitative Methods

Dr. Stephan Telschow

Corporate Director
PoS­ and Shopper Research in FMCG and Near­Food Sector

Sabine Thermann

Senior Research Manager
Virtual Reality and Automotive Research


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