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Answers to frequently asked questions

We specialize in customer-exclusive contract research and offer tailor-made market research solutions to answer your questions.

As a full-service institute, we take care of the entire research process: from consulting and support in sharpening your research question, consulting and developing the appropriate study design, developing the research instruments, data collection and analysis to reporting. 

In special cases, we also offer partial services such as pure data collection or data analysis. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We support start-ups in launching new products and services, help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to grow through targeted market research and customer understanding, and provide corporations with in-depth market knowledge and strategic advice for global market leaders.

In the public sector, we conduct research for NGOs, federal agencies and scientific institutions. 

Our industry experience ranges from consumer goods in the food and beauty sector to healthcare, the automotive industry and many more.

In order to be able to make you a targeted offer directly, the following information is helpful: 

• the industry in which your company operates,
• the topic of your inquiry,- your research question,
• which people you would like to interview,- the geographical focus, if the study is to focus on specific countries or regions,
• a schedule with a start date and a deadline for the results,
• an initial budget framework in order to select the appropriate methods.

The first steps up to the start of the project are typically as follows:

1. Inquiry: Contact us and outline your request.
2. Method consultation & objectives: We clarify the optimal research method with you and define the project objectives.
3. Offer preparation: You will receive a detailed offer including schedule and cost overview.
4. Project start: After commissioning, we start the project together with a kick-off meeting.

Each project is managed by a person responsible for the study who, as an experienced market researcher, is your contact person. Together with a team of specialists, the project is implemented pragmatically and purposefully, and support during the project includes personal consultation to clarify requirements, methods and objectives. 

We keep you up to date with regular updates on the project status and initial results and flexibly adapt methods or objectives as required. At the end of the project, you will receive a detailed presentation of the results and advice on how to implement the knowledge gained.

At GIM, our focus is on primary research, as we provide you with exclusive data that offers primary insights into customer needs, market trends and behavioral patterns. 

Primary research refers to the independent collection of new data directly from the target group or market. Common methods include interviews, surveys, observations, experiments, focus groups and usability tests. 

Qualitative and quantitative methods complement each other perfectly. At GIM, we use a clever combination of both approaches (mixed methods) where appropriate to provide you with a comprehensive answer to your question. 

Qualitative research is close to your target groups. In smaller samples, qualitative research focuses on understanding behavior, motives and attitudes. The selection of methods is broad and can be smartly combined, e.g. by interlinking a usage diary via smartphone app with in-depth interviews. 

Projective with creative and implicit methods help to research beyond the rational and uncover emotions and hidden needs. Whether in ethnographic studies, in-depth interviews, focus groups or usability tests, qualitative research helps to understand what makes the target group tick. It provides orientation, feedback on concepts or helps to identify trends and ideas. 

Quantitative market research is the systematic collection and analysis of data on a large scale (= large samples) to gain quantitative insights into the behavior, attitudes and preferences of consumers or market segments. 
It focuses on collecting, analyzing and interpreting numerical data in order to support well-founded decisions, and the aim of quantitative market research is to test hypotheses or correlations. 

To this end, it uses various forms of data collection (e.g. online or telephone interviews) and a wide range of statistical analysis techniques to analyze data. Quantitative market research thus provides representative, exact and objective statements that allow the results to be quantified and generalized.

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Have you been called by us to take part in an interview, a group discussion or an online survey?

Our surveys cover a wide range of questions in the areas of market and opinion research, social research, political and media research and customer satisfaction. To this end, we contact millions of people every year and rely on your support and voluntary participation.

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