How we work


We are the IDEAL partner to answer your questions in various industries. Behind IDEAL stand the characteristics Imaginative - Dedicated - Empathetic - Adaptable - Likeable.

Here are five IDEALe stories that describe our colorful work culture.

IMAGINATIVE: combine creatively

Imaginative can be translated as "imaginative". How does Julia live it in everyday life at GIM?

"At GIM, I get the space to translate new research approaches into individual solution concepts for our customers. So for me, working 'imaginatively' means avoiding standard solutions as much as possible and intelligently combining the new with the tried and tested. Always in focus: the customer's needs.

GIM is characterized by the fact that my colleagues bring with them a wide variety of professional profiles and experiences. We examine research questions holistically from different perspectives."

Julia Haug | Senior Research Manager | GIM Heidelberg

Person mit einem gebastelten Buchstaben I aus Pappe in einer Hand.
Person mit einem gebastelten Buchstaben D aus Pappe in den Händen.

DEDICATED: showing responsibility

Dedicated can also be translated as "binding". How does Michael live it in everyday life at GIM?

The word describes how I define my job in dealing with my clients: personally, confidently, at eye level. In customer projects, we work with permanent project managers who take responsibility. It is particularly important to me personally that the result of my work is a success for our customers.

GIM gives us the freedom to research independently, to discover new topics and to fail. We have the space to implement the best for our clients. That, too, is 'dedication'."

Michael Mletzko | Senior Research Manager | GIM Nürnberg

EMPATHETIC: humanity and closeness.

Empathetic can be translated as "empathetic". How does Alexandra live it in everyday life at GIM?

"Empathy is a central attitude for us in our dealings with each other and with our customers. Proactively supporting colleagues is part of everyday life. Anticipating what our clients need in order to be able to work well with the results in their everyday research, institutions or companies: for me, this also means being 'empathetic'.

The questions, challenges and work contexts of our clients are our motivation - human, close and empathetic - that's why I love working at GIM."

Alexandra Wachenfeld-Schell | Senior Research Director | GIM Wiesbaden

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ADAPTABLE: openness and flexibility

Adaptable can also be translated as "adaptable". How does Sebastian live it in everyday life at GIM?

"Adaptable describes GIM's basic attitude towards our clients and their issues. We look at every problem openly. Results are communicated in such a way that they are not only understood but also internalized by our customers. The permanent will to adapt is also reflected in our constantly growing portfolio.

But the team in itself is also adaptive, for example when an important presentation is taken over by someone else. This adaptive attitude is what makes GIM so attractive to me."

Sebastian Klein | Research Director | GIM Heidelberg

LIKEABLE: appreciative interaction

Likeable can also be translated as "sympathetic". How does Stefanie live it in everyday life at GIM?

"Since I started at GIM many years ago, I have appreciated the equally respectful and humorous interaction with each other - as well as the exciting impulses from our customers from all over the world. The secret of our high customer satisfaction? That close, trusting cooperation with our customers is just as important to us.

It can sometimes happen that a musical study leader welcomes his customers to the results presentation with the brand's advertising jingle on the guitar - that's what I call 'likeable'".

Stefanie Gröbe | Senior Research Manager | GIM Berlin

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