35 years of quality and customer satisfaction!

GIM is active in over 50 markets for leading branded companies, industrial enterprises and service providers from more than 30 key industries. These include global corporations as well as medium-sized companies. We also conduct research for organizations in the public sector.

We offer high-quality quantitative and qualitative full-service research services (digital only, hybrid, offline, B2C, B2B and B2E), as well as substantial knowledge services in the areas of analytics, UX, foresight, CX and EX.

This is what you won't get from us: blanket platform solutions, quick & dirty research, standardized off-the-shelf solutions without any rhyme or reason!

This is what we offer you instead: Smart, beneficial research and knowledge services on a scientific basis in the areas of consumption, work, health and society.

We answer your questions for more consumer and customer understanding!  

GIM is the largest owner-managed and (since its founding) independent full-service institute headquartered in Germany in terms of revenue (Context List 2022) and is among the top 5 in the industry.  

We enjoy the highest reputation in the industry (according to the overall ranking of the current industry image study) and always end up at the top of independent customer satisfaction studies.

The relationships between people and brands have always been the focus of our work. We understand these relationships to ensure you remain relevant to your own customers.

Relevance Counts. Welcome to GIM!

Facts & Figures & More:
Here is the profile of the GIM Network.

  • Turnover: 40.74 million euros (2022, GIM Group), Top 5 current ranking
  • Around 200 employees
  • Offices in Heidelberg (headquarters), Berlin, Nuremberg, Wiesbaden, Lyon, Zurich and Shanghai
  • More than 700 projects per year in over 50 countries worldwide
  • Management: Dr. Jörg Munkes, Dr. Stephan Telschow & Stephan Teuber
  • Official certification according to ISO 20252:2019 (research)
  • TISAX certification (research)
  • Team with scientific background from complementary academic disciplines
  • Own CATI studio, part of our subsidiary GIM DiCom
  • Established partner network with independent institutes
  • Cooperation & engagement in academic teaching (GIM Academics)
  • Training of employees through our own training-on-the-job program
  • Continuous internal (GIM Academy) and external training of employees
  • Corporate Social Responsibility measures with a long-term perspective
  • Memberships: ADM, BVM, ESOMAR, DGOF, Ephmra, UXQB Int. Usability and UX Qualification Board (certified experts in all industries), dgtf
  • 1st prize of the BVM Data Science Cup (2020 & 2018)

Our Quality Standards

In the 2021/2022 image study by, we take first place in the overall ranking. In the categories "Quality", "Methodological Competence" and "Consulting Competence", GIM is in first place in each case. We already held a top ranking in 2018.

We are certified according to ISO standard 20252:2019. It is the most comprehensive and important international standard for market research. The certification makes it possible to define research processes and applied methods according to a uniform quality standard and also to check them later during implementation.

For us, data quality means survey quality! Therefore, our recruitment of study participants is based on a professional and comprehensive briefing. Transparent customer communication, further training of our employees and project management from a single source are further important components of GIM Quality Management.

Through continuous supervision, we guarantee data protection according to GDPR as well as a comprehensive and modern IT infrastructure and IT security. With the TISAX certification, we also follow the common standard for information security in the automotive industry.

GIM Worldwide

Anyone who is among the top five institutions in this country is automatically a global player. Because of course our industry is also a global one. We research and work wherever our customers are – and that includes many internationally active SMEs as well as multinational corporations.

A few facts:  

  • Today, we generate about 75% of our sales with projects in an international context
  • In the past five years, we have been active in about 40 markets.
  • Our partner network comprises around 100 companies worldwide

On site, we cooperate mostly with local partner institutes, for example in the context of Qual Supervision, Clinic business or ethnographic projects. As a rule, these are independent institutes that tick like we do. Our principle: Global Customized Partnership

This means: cooperation with excellent local institutes, a wide range of approaches and methods in each market, the independence of all institutes and the sustainability of the relationships. Our partner network thus has a unique structure: neither a global corporate chain, nor an exclusive, unilateral network – and certainly not a purchasing-driven "agency hopper".  

Working in international contexts means more to us than combining different "sample points" on the drawing board and lumping them together. With 100% involvement, we always observe and analyze the everyday cultures of the markets in which we operate. Our mantra is cultural brokerage.  

This means: We try to identify relevant culture-specific interpretations of a product category or brand and translate them into the requirements of global marketing – according to the principle of culturally sensitive, comparative interpretation.  

By the way, GIM Worldwide also means that we basically offer our entire research portfolio and our "beyond research" services globally. Whether simple or complex, qualitative or quantitative, ad hoc or tracking.  

Our Values

GIM aligns its behavior towards all stakeholders with an overarching and binding set of values.

The way we act and behave towards our clients, research participants and employees is shaped by these values, as is the quality of our research work. We thus see these values as the foundation of our corporate governance and our corporate behavior - as well as the guidelines of our "research ethos".

The GIM values were not imposed top-down, but developed together with and within our team on the basis of a creative, reflective process - and then adopted during a one-day corporate event!