Market research for the food industry

You are producer or distributor of confectionery, dairy products, vegetarian products, beverages or similar products and want to know more about ...

  • what motivates your consumers and the market? 
  • how the current food and beverages market is shaping itself and what are the trends of tomorrow? (Market research and trend research)
  • whether your product concepts meet the taste of your consumers? (Product tests)
  • which products are in your customers' cupboards next to yours? (brand research, ethnographic research)
  • which (potential) target groups buy your products? (Target group research/consumer research)
  • what do consumers and experts think of new packaging designs? (Consumer interviews as well as semiotics expertise)
  • how your brand communication is perceived? 
  • whether your brands can assert themselves in the competitive environment in the long term? (brand tracking)

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GIM Food conducts research for national and international manufacturers and branded companies as well as for the retail. With us, you can expect agile project managers with an eye for detail in addition to an industry-expert team. Whether qualitative exploration or quantitative consumer insights, national or international, we offer you tailor-made study designs for B2C and B2B in the food sector. 

Out of research curiosity, we not only pursue our clients' questions, but also keep up to date with our internal studies and know what moves your consumers.

Our market research expertise includes:

  • Basic studies and target group analysic
  • Brand core analyses and market positioning
  • Understanding consumers and delivering insights
  • Name and concept tests
  • Communication development and assessment
  • Product development and product testing
  • At home-usage
  • Developing and testing concepts
  • Testing and optimizing packaging
  • Taste tests
  • Research on future trends in the area of food


For further information please contact:
Stefanie Gröbe


For further information please contact:
Rebecca Stark de Pellecer