The relationship between people and brand

Our mission statement is a promise to our customers, but also to our study participants and other market partners.

Fair, stable and respectful interpersonal relationships have always been important to us. With a view to our clients and their consumer and customer issues, we are concerned with establishing, dynamically shaping and understanding good relationships.  

The specific relationships between people and brands have always been one of our research focal points.

Holistic view of people and brands

We view people holistically in their multiple roles as consumers and customers, users, patients, professionals, employees and finally as citizens or individuals who are part of our society.

For us, brands are more than just articles. In our understanding, brands can also be people, products or companies, as well as services, organizations, media (content) or nations.

Relationship instead of persuasion

When your customers sense that you see more in them than just target groups that convince you to buy, you are well on your way to building a successful relationship.

Your customers want to be seen, understood and addressed as people - with all their feelings, dreams, worries and fears. They expect offers from you that provide support and help or convey joy.