Our Mission

We are your experts for relationships between people and brands!

Our mission statement is a promise to our customers, but also to our study participants and other market partners!  

Fair, stable and respectful interpersonal relationships have always been important to us. With a view to our customers and their questions in the consumer and customer area, we are primarily concerned with establishing, dynamically shaping and understanding such relationships.  

The specific relationships between people and brands have always been one of our research focal points!

A holistic view of people and brands!

We always view PEOPLE holistically in their multiple roles as consumers and customers, as patients, as users, as professionals, as employees in companies, and finally as citizens or individuals who are part of our society!

For us, BRANDS are more than "just" branded products. In our broad understanding, brands can be persons, products or companies, as well as services, organizations, media (content) or even nations. The question behind it: What or to whom can a certain image be attributed – to what or whom can a relationship be built up – always against the background of our clients' questions?

The key: people want to be taken seriously!

If your own customers, be they consumers or customers, sense that you see more in them than "just" target groups or pure sales segments that need to be convinced to buy: then you are well on the way to building successful relationships with them!

Your customers want to be seen, understood and addressed as people - with all their feelings, dreams, concerns and realities. As such, they expect offers from you that provide support and help, or pleasure – in other words, that are relevant.  

Only with relevant offers you stay relevant yourself in your market!

GIM helps you with this!

For 35 years we have been generating and communicating knowledge about people. About their behavior, feelings, thoughts and perceptions in the context of consumption, work and health - and in their role as individuals in social contexts.  

Our motto: Relevance counts.