Market research in the finance industry

Financial service providers, insurance companies and banks are facing new challenges: Megatrends such as digitalisation have given rise to players such as FinTechs, InsureTechs and neobrokers. Robo-advisors and chatbots are revolutionising the financial markets, while cryptocurrencies are increasing their complexity.  

We have mastered this digital leap and help you to understand the new needs of your clients and remain future-proof. We work internationally for private and business clients and see trust as our central maxim.

What we offer you:

  • Quantitative and qualitative full-service financial market research
  • Study designs for private clients and B2B finance
  • International network of partners
  • Fast data collection and efficient implementation of your projects
  • Strategic consulting based on almost 40 years of market research experience

We are an owner-managed and independent institute and are one of the top 5 market research companies in Germany with the highest turnover.

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Research fields and methods

Target group analyses: We decipher trust codes, segment financial types and translate end consumers' sensitivities into specific product expectations.  

Customer Journey: Based on our proven, multi-method toolkit, we explore the journeys of the various target groups and identify the relevant touchpoints.  

Concept tests: We analyze opportunities and risks for new products and communication measures with the help of concept tests, name and term tests.

Price research: We use conjoint analyses and quantitative methods to determine the optimal price structures and offer packages.  

Brand and image analyses: We help create brand values and identify positioning opportunities.

Customer satisfaction: with our flexible and individually tailored approach to your customers and your company, we ensure quantifiable results and measurable KPIs.

Communication (Pre- and Posttests): with qualitative and quantitative market research we accompany advertising campaigns from creation, zero-measurement to success measurement after execution of the measures.

Brand KPI Tracking: with quantitative tracking studies we explore the development of key brand parameters over time.  

UX: With GIM experience, our GIM internal expert network with certified UX researchers is at your disposal. We link UX and consumer research.


Finance sectors we work with:

  • Banks: Branch banks, direct banks, neobanks and FinTechs
  • Insurance companies: Traditional, online and InsureTechs
  • Building societies
  • Fund providers/asset management
  • (Credit) card providers
  • Payment system providers
  • Private equity/venture capital
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Your advantages with us

Many years of experience: Over decades of experience in financial market research with in-depth expertise on relevant industries and methods.

Wide variety of methods: We offer customized quantitative and qualitative methods for private clients and clients in the B2B financial sector.

Understanding of target groups: We have extensive project experience with private (end) customers and business clients, from SOHO to SMEs and large corporations.

Experience with specific target groups: We research the field of specific target groups such as Affluent, Private Wealth, HNWI as well as Family Office Management.  

Partnership and trust: We guarantee expertise, efficiency and personal consulting from the beginning to the successful completion of your project.

Worldwide research: Our strong global partner network enables us to conduct national and international research for banks, insurance companies and financial service providers.


Optimismus statt Krisenmodus – eine repräsentative Studie des Bankenfachverbands e.V. (2023)

Die Neobroker (R)evolution – ein Follow-Up Research zum Whitepaper von 2021 mit neuen Insights zu Millennial Traders (März 2023)

Allianz Ablenkungsstudie 2022 – repräsentative Befragung von 1.202 Autofahrer:innen für das Allianz Zentrum für Technik (AZT)

Investitionsfinanzierung 2022 – eine Marktstudie im Auftrag des Bankenfachverbands e.V.

Die Neobroker Revolution – kostenfreies GIM Finance Whitepaper mit Insights zur Zielgruppe junger PrivatanlegerInnen (Mai 2021)

Finanzmarktforschung & Corona  –  Interview zum "Deep Dive Finance" mit GIM foresight (Blogbeitrag GIM Radar, Dez. 2020)

"Deep Dive Finance" – eine qualitative Vertiefungsstudie zum Thema Finanzen  –  basierend auf der GIM foresight Studie "Der Schwarze Schwan COVID-19" (Juli 2020)

Your contact

Julia Haug

Senior Research Manager

Dr. Tomas Jerković 

Senior Research Director