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Relevance for your lasting success!

GIM has been researching and consulting internationally in the areas of consumption, work, health and society for 35 years.

If you are looking for high-quality and intelligent solutions for more consumer and customer understanding, you have come to the right place. We provide you with a sound basis for sustainable economic success!

In our focus: The fascinating relationships between people and brands!

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35 years of experience in almost all markets!

Expertise in over 30 industries (B2B and B2C), teams with experienced minds and comprehensive knowledge of your categories and topics: Our industry know-how is among the best on the market!

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Our XL portfolio for your questions!

GIM offers "Beyond Research"

We can do much more than classic market research: UX, EX, CX, Future & Values, Advanced Analytics, research-related consulting: Are you ready for the "Look Beyond"?


Comprehensive know-how for free!

We regularly publish our own studies, whitepapers and articles. You can download most of these free of charge! Our goal is to provide you with practical, useful insights!

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We are the People-Centric Institute!

Our team is 100 percent at the center of everything we do!

Are you a newcomer, experienced, intern or looking for a place as a trainee? Apply and join one of the proven best full-service institutes!

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