Market Research in the field of Telecommunication and Information Technology

An industry that is shaped and driven by the thrill of permanent innovation like hardly any other is at the next turning point: with the digitalisation of industrial products (Industry 4.0, IoT, IIoT), the telecommunications industry is pushing the door to the "Everything Connected" era wide open.

After the triumphant success of platform providers such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and many others over the last decade and a half, established telecommunications and IT providers are once again facing the challenge of reviewing and realigning their business models under time pressure in order to remain profitable. Because they will hardly remain profitable in the future with the sole marketing of established offers such as telephony services or mobile phone contracts.

In addition, customer needs are evolving: The desire for communication and data that is available anytime and anywhere is unbroken – at the latest since the pandemic brought a large number of people into private offices at home. Omnichannel and a direct line to the provider are also becoming a hygiene factor. And of course, all services should be available at stable costs that are as low as possible.

However, the telecommunications providers are shaping the change:

  • New business and value-added fields are being developed at record speed (e.g. hosting services, cloud services and cloud infrastructures, web design, etc.).
  • Joint ventures are forged
  • Existing customer segments are being capitalised on more (business customers)
  • Re-launching and re-branding at the brand level is productive

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One thing seems certain: permanent change remains the only constant in this hyper-innovative industry.

In this change, it is important to make the right deductions from the new market structures and, above all, to recognise and understand the new and "old" needs of private customers, business customers and B2B partners and to integrate them agilely into your own business models.

The GIM experts support you in all research projects, such as:

  • Development and expansion of target group understanding
  • Customer journey and touchpoint analyses
    Concept and product tests
  • Communication (pre- and post-tests)
  • Price, tariff and product research/conjoint analyses
  • Usability studies / UX and product tests (hardware, mesh-repeater, router, etc.)
  • Brand and image studies
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Sales processes
  • Tracking studies

In addition to research with private customers (B2C), we have been carrying out national and international market research with business customers (solo self-employed or SoHo, as well as SMEs and large companies) and all market-relevant B2B target groups for decades.

Through our subsidiary GIM direct, we are also able to implement non-anonymised (customer satisfaction) studies, e.g. when it comes to evaluating router or app data as part of friendly user tests.

As one of the most important full-service institutes based in Germany, our range of methods covers the entire portfolio of research approaches in all forms (online, offline, hybrid, qualitative, quantitative, creative). Learn more about our solutions here.

Our experience and expertise provide orientation for TC and IT providers in the midst of change in order to make the right decisions.

Trust in our profound experience and industry expertise!

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