Market research for the energy industry

Against the backdrop of climate change and the search for solutions to counter it, the energy sector has moved into the focus of global discussions.  

Increasing calls from politics ("Green New Deal", Renewable Energy Sources Act, photovoltaic subsidies, etc.) and society for a decarbonisation of the energy industry, the global Fridays for Future movement and, last but not least, increased rethinking by consumers and parts of the economy in the direction of sustainability, are calling energy companies to action.

As in other industries, digitalisation is of course also dynamising the energy sector. Smart homes, energy efficiency, smart meters, electromobility, new customer and comparison platforms, omnichannel are just a few of the many buzzwords that impressively demonstrate:  

Currently, almost all processes, services and business models of companies in a diversifying energy sector are being put to the test. The industry is currently realigning itself, new companies are emerging from established players. The structural change in the sector is historic.

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Market research can support companies in the energy market in many ways during this forward-looking phase of change:

  • Understanding target groups: We identify target groups in terms of qualifying and quantifying basic consumer needs, e.g. by means of target group segmentation and personas.
  • Deciphering customer journeys: Based on our proven, multi-method toolkit, we explore the journeys of the different target groups and identify the relevant touchpoints.
  • Optimise pricing: We use conjoint analyses and quantitative methods to determine the optimal price structures and offer packages.
  • Generate actionable results: We analyse opportunities and risks for possible new target group-oriented products and communication with the help of concept tests, name and term tests.
  • Exploring branding strategies: We help create brand values for a product that is abstract and "invisible" and identify positioning opportunities.




  • Identify and implement trends: Using proven methods, we identify market-relevant consumer and industry trends, evaluate them and thus provide a solid basis for decision-making for our clients.
  • Measure and monitor brand KPIs: We use quantitative tracking studies to explore the development of key brand parameters over time.
  • Determine customer satisfaction and experience: With our flexible and individually tailored approach to your customers and your company, we ensure optimally quantifiable results and measurable KPIs.
  • Communication (pre- and post-tests): with qualitative and quantitative market research, we accompany complete advertising campaigns from creation, zero measurement to success measurement after the measures have been implemented.

GIM has been conducting research with private (end) customers and business customers (from SOHO to SMEs to large corporations) for companies in the energy sector for decades.  

In addition, we have as much experience with B2B contacts in companies of various sizes as well as with regional energy suppliers. Specially tailored market research for municipal utilities rounds off our range of clients.  

Our experience and expertise provide energy providers with orientation in the midst of change in order to make the right decisions. 

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