GIM with presentation & poster session at the BVM Congress


At the 54th BVM Congress in Hamburg, GIM will be represented with two lectures on 21.5. Dr. Hannes Fernow will give a lecture on future research. Patricia Blau will also be offering a poster session with an interactive lecture based on the role-playing game "Dungeons & Dragons".

The lecture "In the space of longing between today and tomorrow. Future research reloaded" by GIM Research Director Dr. Hannes Fernow is based on the results of the international new edition of the GIM Value Study Values&Visions 2030. The methodical approach and selected results will be presented in the lecture.

As part of the topic block "Thought games for our future", GIM Corporate Director Patricia Blau will present a poster entitled "Dungeons & Dragons of qualitative researchers X.0" in her role as a member of the Qualitative Market Research working group. She takes the participants on a metaphorical journey to the country "QualiFor". The journey is based on real thought games of the BVM event "Slow Date AKQua meets forUM". The audience can join in the discussion.

This year's BVM Congress, the congress of German market research, is held under the motto "Smart solutions for economic success: new, agile and integrated approaches". The event will take place from 20-21 May 2019 in Hamburg's Empire Riverside Hotel. Over two days, around 300 experts and executives from market research will discuss how the industry can help shape a successful business model for the future.


"In the space of longing between today and tomorrow. Future research reloaded", Dr. Hannes Fernow, 21.05.2019, 13:05 Uhr

"Dungeons & Dragons in the qualitative researcher X.0", Patricia Blau, 21.05.2019 at 14:55



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