GIM with new offer in geolocation tracking from 2020


Where are your target groups? Who sees your advertising?

In cooperation with intervista and GapFish, GIM launches a new research offering in January 2020 that answers these questions for companies and provides insights into mobile consumers in the digital era. 

Under the label "GIM Traces", the approach will link target group knowledge with location data in high spatial and temporal resolution.

For this purpose, the Swiss online market research institute intervista is making the geolocation tracking app "Footprints Research" exclusively available to GIM. The panel provider GapFish will set up a special mobile tracking panel.

Besides classic structural data on the panelists, psychographic target group data from GIM research will also be integrated into the service. In addition to this information, panelists can also be specifically interviewed, either directly at the POI or subsequently.

You can find out more about GIM Traces on our website at the beginning of 2020.


For further information please contact:
Frank Luschnat