Market Research with Decision-Makers and Users

Successful B2B research requires expertise in content, target group specific survey methods, and an appropriate infrastructure for fieldwork organization.

GIM B2B Market Research offers efficient field and organization routines specifically geared to the requirements of B2B market research. It is need-oriented, user-specific and made to measure, both qualitative and quantitative.

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  • Construction systems & producer goods: power tools, fastening technologies, construction chemicals, heating & ventilation technologies, mechanical engineering, renewable energy (solar panels, photovoltaics) and more
  • Healthcare: medical technology, laboratory medicine, laboratory services, clinic management, health care insurance management
  • IT: Software, tele- and data connections, mobile communications, networks and more
  • Chemical Industry: adhesive technology, cleaning chemicals, facade foil, bio- and special chemicals, construction chemicals, passive fire prevention and more
  • Transport & Logistics: vehicle construction, aircraft construction, shipping and transport industry, storage systems and more


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