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Why GIM?

Societies, markets and marketing are subject to disruptive changes.
In this phase, companies must anticipate important changes at an early stage.
And be close to their customers.

Relevant research provides essential support. GIM offers you this research.

This means: quality, competence, maximum utility value.

This is why we currently support 19 of the 30 major companies quoted on the German stock exchange.

We provide you with insights and facts instead of abstract advice:
Uncomplicated and directly translatable into your strategies, no matter whether it's about your brand, target group, product or service.

Relevance Counts – Welcome at GIM.

GIM with extended management

We are expanding our management: Dr. Jörg Munkes and Dr. Stephan Telschow move up to the management team and, together with ...

GIM = More than Research

Get to know our services better
Advanced Analytics, UX+, cultural foresight, CX+ and more. For a long time now, we have been offering ...

Gen-Z experts give talks on "Digital vs. Real Self" study

The authors of GIM's inhouse study "Digital Self vs. Real Self", Corporate Director Patricia Blau and Senior Research Manager Tina ...

New GIM office in Wiesbaden

GIM has opened a new office in Wiesbaden. After Heidelberg (headquarters), Berlin, Nuremberg, Lyon, Zurich and Shanghai, ...

New membership: GIM in the ADM

GIM joined the „Arbeitskreis Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforschungsinstitute e.V.“ (ADM) in January 2019. Alongside BVM, ADM is the ...

GIM Academics – Our Experts' University Commitment

Quality-based market research needs theoretical grounding. Since the beginning of the research work for our customers, ...