Quality Standards of our International Research

As a member of ADM, BVM and ESOMAR, we are nationally and internationally bound by all the quality standards that our profession has set for itself, along with the respective legal and ethical codes.

Furthermore, we have developed procedures and specific quality control measures that allow us to maintain our high quality standards, especially when it comes to international research.

Cultural expertise as a precondition for international research 

  • steady building up of expertise via external courses and in-house training
  • early acquisition of cultural expertise during the bidding stage
  • partner institutes as “cultural advisors”

A network of first-class research partners

  • selected research partners with a strong culture of quality
  • research partners specialising in a particular category and/or method
  • annual meetings with the most important research partners 

Never be lost in translation! 

  • double translation of survey instruments (screeners, questionnaires)
  • back translation of stimuli (verbal concepts)
  • development of a translation glossary for highly specialised categories (technology, medicine)
  • precise definition of the output and standards required of simultaneous translation 

On-going quality control

  • intensive briefing on content for project and recruitment managers prior to the study
  • strict adherence to pre-defined and clearly communicated processes and procedures
  • daily checks on recruitment status and recruitment updates
    “alert system” for critical recruitment scenarios
  • compilation of photo documentation illustrating unfamiliar facilities; advance visits in the case of highly sensitive projects 

On-site quality control

  • supervision by GIM project manager as standard
  • on-site re-screening of respondents
  • briefing of all relevant individuals involved in the project (project manager, facilitator, interviewer, simultaneous interpreter, illustrator etc.)


For further information please contact:
Stephan Teuber
Telephone: +49 (0)6221 8328-35