Our international research-philosophy:  Global Customised Partnership

The best institute, whatever the market, task and method in question!

This simple formula sums up the philosophy behind our international research, which is made possible by the unique structure of our partner network. We are neither a global group, a unilateral network based on exclusivity nor a purchase-driven “agency hopper”.

Global customised partnership means: collaboration with excellent local institutes; a broad range of methods and approaches in every market; the independence of all institutes; and sustainable business relationships.

Global customised partnership – a programmatic term!

Global – because we operate in all relevant markets the world over, both established and emerging, while looking further ahead to anticipate the markets of the future.

Customised – because thanks to the independent status of all the institutes with which we work, we are able to guarantee the client the appropriate institute and team for the job and hence the best quality.

Partnership – because we regard these institutes more as consulting partners with cultural and market-specific expertise than as “suppliers”.

GIM – the global multi-specialist!

Our successful positioning as a multi-specialist cannot be confined to the German market but must be reflected globally. Thanks to our network structure we can ensure long-term, global provision of the entire GIM portfolio with its accustomed standards of research.


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