We Bank on Values and Commitment
Rather Than Lengthy Contracts

We do of course draw up agreements with research partners for our operative work. But the character of the network is determined by shared values and principles, on the basis of which we conduct research and collaborate.

Quality structure
The quality standards that apply to market research are important formal norms but merely represent hygiene factors. We go one step further and set store by an applied culture of quality – not just on the part of GIM but on the part of our research partners too.

Two of the principles on which we base collaboration with our partners are trust and fairness, which is not to say we dispense with professional check mechanisms and quality control.

We grant full transparency regarding the structure of our international network. The institutes know about each other and can in turn network with one another via our partner login, for example.

When it comes to qualitative research, we generally tend to work with institutes that are not affiliated to any of the major, well-known market research chains and that are instead free to make their own independent decisions.

We work with our partner institutes on a sustainable basis to produce quality standards of a consistently high level.


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