GIM – The Facts

Founded in 1987, GIM can look back on almost 30 years of market research. During this time, GIM has grown from a small specialist provider to one of the leading market research institutes in Germany.

Today, GIM is a network of branches in Heidelberg (Headquarter), Berlin, Nuremberg, Wiesbaden, Lyon, Zurich and Shanghai.

GIM - Hard facts

  • Turnover of just under 29.7 million EURO (2020, GIM Group), Turnover of 35.2 million EURO (2019, GIM Group) 
  • Around 200 employees
  • Official ISO 20252:2019 certification
  • Yearly over 500 projects worldwide
  • Researchers with scientific backgrounds in the relevant disciplines.
  • TISAX certification
  • Full-Service-Institute with its own field. Cooperation with field institutes and test studios across Germany.
  • Established cooperation with independent research institutes world-wide
  • Dedicated full-time market researchers as facilitators for group discussions and workshops
  • Cooperation and commitment in academic teaching (GIM Academics)
  • Training of employees in our own trainee program
  • On-going training and development for staff
  • Corporate Social Responsibility measures with a long-term perspective

Managing Directors:

Wilhelm Kampik, Dr. Jörg Munkes, Dr. Stephan Telschow & Stephan Teuber


  • ADM
  • BVM 
  • DGOF
  • Ephmra
  • dgtf
  • UXQB Int. Usabilty and UX Qualification Board (three certified employees)
  • UPA Usability Professionals’ Association (a personal membership)
  • Connected Living