GIM Partner Network

Ahorn. GmbH, agency for design and media production, maintains our websites and advises us on conception, content management and design.

Allgayer Media GmbH is an agency for PR and corporate communication. Since almost 20 years, owner Florian Allgayer supports and advises us regarding our communication and public relations.

Anacode from Berlin is our partner in the field of text mining on the Internet. Anacode focuses on real-time analysis of large amounts of international web content.

BEYS is an established communication agency specialised on ethnic marketing. BEYS and GIM are cooperating and combining their instruments and methods in order to develop ideal measures to address ethnic target groups.

With the mobile research and survey software mQuest® by the company cluetec, we carry out mobile qualitative studies (e.g. with smartphones).

The association Connected Living e.V. creates an exchange on intuitive technologies and solutions for the networked life of the future. As a member of Connected Living e.V., GIM is part of a cross-industry partner network.

Eck Marketing is specialised in speaker matching. Since 15 years, Eck Marketing successfully places our experts as speakers at conferences across various industry.

Our collaboration with Stephan Kieninger as head of the Freework graphic design studio primarily involves creative work for qualitative research projects (esp. acting as an illustrator during workshops).

The poster and graphic designer Götz Gramlich, together with his network of creatives (tdrei), devises and designs all kinds of corporate communication modules for us.

The Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences is one of our interfaces to the world of academic research. We collaborate with HfT (Prof. Dr. Thomas Bäumer) in areas such as design research.

Imageneering uses a holistic approach to building and designing brands. We work with its owner, Axel Loritz, to produce illustrations for workshops and create stimuli for clinics.

We cooperate with the Swiss market research institute intervista within the scope of our research offer GIM Traces. For this purpose, intervista AG provides us with its geolocation tracking app "Footprints Research" exclusively for the German market.

In the context of our qualitative research projects, we are using the platform of KERNWERT, the independent software provider for qualitative online research. KERNWERT also advises us on any technical questions in this field.

The software company 3Kolor advises us when it comes to new media, digital technologies, and, in particular, software solutions for our social media research (“netography”).

Prof. Dr. Gerald Lembke researches the digital media usage behaviour of different target groups.

Particularly in connection with our GenZ research, we cooperate with the renowned author and scientist.

Lexoro Tech manages our ad hoc IT support and is delivering business related software and hardware IT services.

The market study platform marktmeinungmensch facilitates access to market studies online. Here, current GIM studies and news appear regularly.

m-pathy develops sophisticated interaction tracking for all end devices and survey technology. We use this service for usability analyses when optimising websites.

Provitex, the full-service internet agency, maintains our research blog and advises us on concepts, content management, design and search engine optimisation.

Our collaboration with Sven Giebel/QUES involves depthpsychological studies on the basis of “Psychodynamics” which can be applied stand alone or combined with other GIM approaches.

Some of the areas in which we deploy the state-of-the-art eye-tracking systems from SMI are POS studies (e.g. shelf tests), research on product design, and car clinics (e.g. interior design).

The TV camera man Frank Jeroschinsky produces films for selected research projects and also advises us on the security aspects of the latest “undercover TV” trends (esp. for car clinics).

The online marketing agency suchdialog is our partner in the field of search engine marketing and

Zet is a B2B-marketing agengy, with the ambition to make complex content easy to understand. The agency supports us especially regarding the creation of advertising material, as for example visual displays.

The Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe (ZKM) has been our cooperation partner since November 2018. As a first project, we are conducting an acceptance study for a new exhibition concept of the ZKM.