Energy market in transition: opportunities for reorientation

„Energiemarkt im Wandel: Chancen der Neuausrichtung“ (2023)

Hardly any other market is undergoing as much change as the energy sector. Efforts to achieve sustainability and independence from external energy sources and suppliers are prompting companies and consumers to take action.

Manufacturers of solar panels, heating systems and heat pumps are upgrading. Bottlenecks are emerging. Installers are in demand like never before. And right in the middle of it all are the energy suppliers, whose target group is increasingly transforming from passive consumers to experts, but who also increasingly need expertise to classify their products due to the changes taking place.

We discussed this complex market situation with our experts Dr Tomas Jerković and Julia Haug. Our energy market experts summarise for you what is currently important for companies to remain competitive.

For whom are the insights interesting?

The insights from the interviews are particularly relevant for energy supply companies, municipal utilities and other players in the energy market.

Key data on the whitepaper

Publication: 2023

Type: Expert interview

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Central questions

  • What influence does the current energy market situation have on customer needs?
  • What challenges are there for manufacturers and installers?
  • What strategies can companies use to remain competitive?

Your key benefits

  • Our experts will provide you with insights into customer needs and market dynamics specific to the energy market.
  • We will show you strategies for adapting to the changing market situation.
  • You will gain insights into the importance of customer experience in the energy market.

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Julia Haug

Senior Research Manager

Dr. Tomas Jerković 

Senior Research Director