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Fitness typology: Germany in Motion

„Germany in Motion: Fitness, Sport, Typologie“ (2018)

The German fitness industry has been developing dynamically and diversely for decades. Product trends and innovations are constantly creating new offerings and moving the topic of fitness into the focus of other industries such as food, beauty and fashion.

The digital transformation is also leaving its mark on this already lively industry: mobile fitness trackers, wearables, countless fitness apps and YouTube tutorials, online fitness studios and many other offerings serve new and established target group segments. Social networks such as Instagram are digital platforms for the sporty staging of the "quantified self".

The GIM study Germany in Motion offers a comprehensive fitness typology that gives you orientation for your target group marketing. We identify a total of five types, which differ primarily in the dimensions of health/balance, performance motivation and public image.

Each type is presented and described in a compact profile. The study also provides general information on the frequency and type of fitness activities practised.

For whom are the insights interesting?

The study is aimed in particular at players in the sports and fitness industry, the healthcare sector and manufacturers of nutritional supplements.

Key data on the study

Publication: 2018

Method: quantitative online survey

Sample: n= 980 people between the ages of 18 and 64

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Central research questions

  • Which fitness types exist and what are their needs?
  • What attitudes and values characterise the individual fitness types?
  • How much do the respective types spend on their fitness?
  • What types of sport and fitness do they favour?
  • What drives them, what stops them from exercising?

Your key benefits

  • You will gain general insights into sports behaviour in Germany.
  • Five fitness types offer you in-depth insights into motivations and barriers to exercise.
  • The types of athlete allow you to address them specifically according to your needs.

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Patricia Blau

GIM Corporate Director

Simon Schneebiegl

Research Manager