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E-scooter: Hype? Hope? Obstacle?

„Hype? Hoffnung? Hindernis? Die Nutzung und Wahrnehmung von Sharing E-Scootern“ (2020)

"A dangerous obstacle in road traffic with often reckless drivers" - this is how many people in Germany see electric hire scooters. Opinions differ on how dangerous e-scooters are and who is most likely to be at risk - especially between younger and older people.

However, the rather sceptical view of rental scooters is usually offset by little personal experience of using them.  

And yet there could be potential for e-scooters as an extension of sharing services: there is definitely interest, at least among younger and middle-aged target groups, in perhaps even using the new micro-mobiles on a permanent basis.

For whom are the insights interesting?

The whitepaper is aimed in particular at those interested in mobility, transport and sustainability.

Key data of the whitepaper

Publication: 2019

Sample: 1,153 representatively selected people

Method: online survey

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Central research questions

  • What is the current awareness, use and evaluation of e-scooters?
  • What socio-demographic differences and factors can influence perception, acceptance and use?

Your key benefits

  • Through representative insights, you will find out what the current opinion on e-scooters is.
  • You will gain insights into usage and usage situations.

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