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Donations and social commitment: only out of altruism?

Drivers and motives in the donor journey

There are many ways to donate money and get involved in social causes, ranging from individual donations and permanent donations to child sponsorship and will donations and personal time investments.  

It is important for charitable organisations to understand what motivates people to donate or get involved.  

Qualitative donor journey research examines these motives and needs by dividing the donor journey into different phases, from the initial impulse gift to the post-donation phase.  

The white paper provides you with valuable information about the drivers and motives of donations and social engagement - and derives recommendations for your organisation.

For whom are the insights interesting?

The whitepaper is aimed in particular at stakeholders in the non-profit sector and marketing and communication experts in social organisations.

Key data on the white paper

Publication: 2023

Method: In-depth interviews and group discussions

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Central research questionsIhre Key Benefits 

  • Why do people donate?
  • Why do they get socially involved?
  • What motives do donors have for different types of donations?

Your key benefits

  • You will gain deep insights into the motives and needs of the donor journey.
  • You will gain a better understanding of donors and be able to address them in a target group-appropriate manner.
  • You will learn what you need to consider as an organisation when communicating with donors.

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