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Digital UX in the vehicle: 5 challenges of the future

„Balancing Digital UX Transformation - 5 Challanges“ (2018)

The pressure is growing: automobile manufacturers must constantly offer their increasingly demanding customers new and seamless connectivity solutions for the perfect digital experience in the vehicle.  

The topic of digital user experience in the vehicle has become a question of survival for automotive companies.  Customers' expectations are not only rising - they are also becoming increasingly contradictory.

For manufacturers, this is an almost unsolvable dilemma. In order to remain relevant on the market in the future, they need to be aware of the areas of tension in which the specific requirements and needs of their customers will move in the field of digital user experience.

For whom are the insights interesting?

The white paper is aimed in particular at automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as well as UX designers in the automotive sector.

Key data on the whitepaper

Publication: 2018

Method: Combination of lead user interviews, desk research and internal workshops

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Central research questions

  • What are the challenges of digital UX transformation in the automotive sector?
  • What do modern consumers expect from the digital user experience?

Your key benefits

  • You will learn about five key challenges in the area of digital UX in the vehicle.
  • We will show you what expectations and wishes end users have.
  • You will receive strategic approaches for integrating digital UX into your automotive design.

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