Megatrend fragmentation: future prospects for 2030

Short Report - Living, working and mobility in a fragmented society

„Zukunftsperspektiven 2030“ (2022)

Our society is becoming increasingly fragmented: values and lifestyles are differentiating, linear projections of the future no longer work. That's why we won't all be working from home, eating vegan food and driving electric cars in the future! For brands, this means that in order to remain relevant, they need to counter the megatrend of fragmentation.

Future Perspectives 2030 shows you how people in Germany will live, work and get around in the future.

In our short report, we present three future perspectives that will help you to review your target group concepts and shape the brand success of tomorrow. The report is dedicated to one of five megatrends from the major GIM foresight baseline study "Values&Visions 2030".

For whom are the insights interesting?

The report is aimed at companies and organisations that are looking for insights into future social developments and their impact on living, working and mobility - and want to adapt their strategies accordingly.

Key data on the short report

Publication: 2022

Preliminary study: 13 qualitative interviews with experts from the areas of living, working and travelling

Main study: representative quantitative online survey, n=1,520

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Central research questions

  • What does the megatrend of fragmentation mean for our future lives in Germany?
  • How do we want to live, work and get around in the future?
  • How do the future wishes of different target groups differ?

Your key benefits

  • We explain how the megatrend of fragmentation will characterise different target groups.
  • You will find out how preservationists, self-optimisers and world optimisers will want to live in 2030.
  • You will learn how to counter the fragmentation of society and remain relevant.

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Dr. Hannes Fernow

Foresight Director

GIM foresight

Michael Mletzko

Foresight Director 

GIM foresight