Major future study: Values & Visions 2030 - Update 2023

The universal future and value study by GIM foresight

„Values & Visions 2030“ (2023)

Values & Visions 2030 looks to the future and at the same time takes a bird's eye view of the world. The aim is to identify five megatrends - five major trends that are currently shaping world events.

How will our (surrounding) world change under the influence of these megatrends of algorithmisation, utilisation, design, fragmentation and re-localisation? How can these changes be categorised? What values are important to people in a world of change? What will be important to them in the future?

Especially in recent times, people have been confronted with an overlay of different crises. What influence do current world events have on how they look to the future?

Values & Visions 2030 in the updated version with the 2023 update (first edition 2018) looks for answers to these questions - and thus identifies Germans' hopes and aspirations as well as their fears.

For whom are the insights interesting?

Decision-makers in companies, marketing and product development managers who want to develop adaptable and future-orientated strategies.

Key data on the study

Publication: 2023

Scope: 68-page future knowledge and megatrend report

Method: Representative online survey

Sample: n=1,515 people

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Central research questions

  • What do people want for their future?
  • What developments do they currently expect in society?
  • How are current megatrends assessed?
  • Which future topics and trends have gained in importance in recent years?

Your key benefits

  • Gain profound insights into social changes and their impact on values and consumer behaviour.
  • Use the results to adapt your strategies to future trends and consumer needs.

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Dr. Hannes Fernow

Foresight Director

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Michael Mletzko

Foresight Director 

GIM foresight