Sustainable consumption from food to pharma

"Sustainable consumption from food to pharma: 5 triggers and a progression pattern" (2024)

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. More and more companies are facing the challenge of adapting their products and services. Our latest study offers you an in-depth insight into the mechanisms and patterns of sustainable consumption - across a wide range of industries.  

Our experts have analyzed for you which factors motivate consumers to choose sustainable product alternatives and how these decisions develop over time.

In addition to current insights, you will receive strategic recommendations for marketing measures and future-oriented corporate management. 

For whom are the Insights interesting?

The study is aimed at company management and marketing departments in the food, fashion, finance, insurance and healthcare sectors, as well as decision-makers who want to promote sustainable innovation and adapt their brands to future consumer expectations.

Key data on the study

Publication: 2024  

  • Methodology: Combination of biographical interviews and expert discussions.
  • Focus on cross-sector analyses in the sustainable consumption landscape.
  • Targeted investigation of triggers and development patterns for sustainable product categories.
  • Language: german

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Key research questions

  • What triggers motivate consumers to buy sustainable products?
  • How does sustainable consumption develop over time in different product categories?
  • Which influencing factors determine whether product categories emerge as starter, follower or laggard categories in sustainable consumption?

Key benefits 

  • A deeper understanding of the drivers behind sustainable consumption.
  • Identification of patterns and categorizations in consumer behavior that facilitate strategic adjustments for companies.
  • Insights that enable sustainable practices to be more effectively integrated into business strategies.

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Eva von Rennenkampff

Senior Research Manager

Martin Meyer

Research Manager