Consumer insights: How data sharing succeeds at the point of sale

Study on the acceptance of digital tools at the PoS

The topic of data sharing at the PoS is polarising. Security concerns prevent many shoppers from using digital tools at the PoS. At the same time, retailers are dependent on generating relevant data about consumer behaviour.

The whitepaper Data Sharing at the PoS provides you with valuable shopper insights on data generation at the point of sale. Conditions under which data sharing is particularly difficult or easy are highlighted.

Using various scenarios, the white paper also illustrates which digital tools at the PoS are accepted by shoppers and which are still viewed with scepticism.

For whom are the insights interesting?

The whitepaper is aimed in particular at managers in the FMCG, retail & shopper and food sectors.

Key data on the whitepaper

Publication: 2021

Sample: 20 private investors between the ages of 18 and 39

Method: Qualitative in-depth interviews, app diary and online forum

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Central research questions

  • What exactly is meant by data sharing?
  • When is data sharing easy for shoppers? When do they find it difficult?
  • What approaches exist in relation to data sharing?
  • How does data generation succeed at the PoS?

Your key benefits

  • You will receive four tips on data generation at the PoS.
  • We will show you three different types of data sharing.
  • Various scenarios highlight the situational component of data sharing.

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Dr. Stephan Telschow

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Rebecca Stark de Pellecer

Research Director

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