Probiotics – 360° Trend Research

Comprehensive market and consumer insights

The probiotics market is booming worldwide. In Germany, too, this special product category has (once again) become significantly more relevant despite noticeable regulations due to the EU's so-called "Health Claims Regulation" of 2007. The potential of the multi-layered probiotics market is enormous - and in our view is still far from being fully utilised.

We have taken a closer look at this extremely dynamic market and carried out 360° trend research.

We show you who the typical probiotics customers are and help you to really understand them. Building on this, we provide well-founded insights into how product offerings and communication can be even better adapted to the needs of consumers in order to develop successful market launches and marketing strategies.

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For whom are the insights interesting?

The study is aimed in particular at manufacturers and suppliers of probiotic products as well as players in the health, beauty, animal and cleaning sectors.

Key data on the study

Publication: 2018 - With topicality

Methods: Desk research, qualitative in-depth interviews with consumers and experts and quantitative online survey

Representative sample: n= 1,000 people over the age of 18

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Central research questions

  • What do consumers currently know about probiotics and how are they perceived?
  • What hopes and expectations do consumers have of probiotic products?
  • How do consumers orientate themselves in the probiotic product jungle?
  • What are the barriers to known and new probiotic product categories?

Your key benefits

  • You will gain insights into consumer knowledge and attitudes towards probiotics.
  • We will show you the motivations and barriers to the use of probiotic products.
  • You will receive information on the development of new probiotic product categories.

Do you have questions about the study?

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Julia Eymann

Senior Research Manager