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GIM Salesbooster 

Your partner to sell more and become more profitable!

You want to increase your sales figures and optimize the success of your products, services or concepts?

You are responsible for product management, pricing or market research?

GIM Salesbooster offers you a profound toolbox, which helps you to better master various sales challenges: from pricing, through product or portfolio optimization, to packaging. 

GIM Salesbooster provides you with feasible recommendations to increase your success – quickly and individually!

Four topics for your Sales Boost!

It's all about value! 

Only customers who see value in your products and services would buy them. 
But: Value is volatile, individual and depends on many factors!

With GIM Salesbooster, we measure and quantify the value of your products and services. We advise and support you in selling more and being more profitable – we boost your sales!

Based on our methodical expertise and more than 20 years of experience in this field, we offer you tailor-made solutions for the following four core areas, among others:

Bundling, Pricing/Forecasting, Configuration and Portfolio Optimization.

In which role do we see ourselves? 

We are your methodically skilled and experienced consultants! 

Easily said, but we act upon this as well. We are passionate about thoroughly understanding your aims and questions. Therefore, we put a high emphasis on active listening throughout our personal exchange with you.

At GIM, you work with people who understand your world, your challenges and needs.

The outcome: better advice, goal-oriented results and assured decisions.

Click on the respective topic blocks to find out which specific benefits GIM Salesbooster offers you:

In addition to these four core topics, we also offer you our experience in other important areas to boost your sales, e.g. concept tests, product optimizations and much more. Just get in touch with us!

BUNDLING: No more decisions based on gut feeling!

Bundling challenges depend on many factors, e.g: price, time and content composition. The booster "Bundling" is a specially tailored approach to these specific questions and considers all relevant dimensions and their interaction. This enables you to master complex sales challenges such as the composition of your packages, the pricing of the packages or even the overall portfolio optimization more easily and better.

PRICING & FORECASTING: Goodbye, crystal ball!

You want to find the ideal pricing strategy for your product or service? Or optimise an existing portfolio? The "Pricing & Forecasting" booster offers you a unique combination of machine learning based pricing approaches as well as proven and resilient market calibration methods. With it, you can master the sales challenges of pricing and sales optimization better than before!

CONFIGURATION: You do not always need the extra-large solution! 

Our booster "Configuration" offers realistic, scalable configurator approaches that can map any level of complexity of your market! This enables us to reproduce the selection and configuration behavior of your customers one to one. You receive realistic results, with which you can test both simple ideas and larger supply structures. 

PORTFOLIO-OPTIMIZATION: Meaningful and comprehensible!

You are looking for the optimal design and price positioning for your product line or product portfolio? You need to conduct white spot analyses or optimize your portfolio for specific target groups? The Booster "Portfolio Optimization" offers you top-class approaches for the simultaneous optimization of prices and/or characteristics of different products or services.

GIM Salesbooster: Our methods at a glance.

The Salesbooster Toolbox comprises a very broad range of methods, which we are constantly updating according to the latest scientific findings.

Our primary goal is to meet the complexity of your problem. Therefore, we do not necessarily use methodical standards, but we rather put together the best mix of methods for your problem.

We have compiled a small selection of our methods for you. We are happy to share further methodological details. Just contact us.

  • Machine-learning GIM pricing tool with market calibration  
  • Luxury Pricing Optimizer  
  • GIM Build-Your-Own Configurators  
  • In-house developed simulators and optimization tools  
  • Calibration methods for the "translation" of survey results to real market environments  
  • TURF analyses and optimization solutions based on them  
  • Classical and advanced Discrete Choice Models (DCM)  
  • Classical and advanced methods based on Choice Based Conjoints (CBC) and 
  • Adaptive Choice Based Conjoints (ACBC)  
  • Classical and advanced menu-based conjoints (MBC)  
  • Classical, anchored and sparse-max-diff methods 
  • and many more 

The Salesbooster Team

With a team of 12 experts, we have broad industry experience and thorough expertise in consulting, statistical methods, preference modeling, programming, analysis, and development of data products. 

Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you.

Marko Anders


Dr. Jörg Munkes