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We regularly publish study reports and white papers on a wide range of topics. From segmentation and value development studies to method-related white papers: Let our publications inspire you! We make the publications available to you as downloads.


The Black Swan COVID-19 (Update Mai 2021)

The representative study answers which effects the Corona crisis has on action-leading values and attitudes of consumers. GIM foresight conducted the baseline … Learn more

GIM foresight Study

Values & Visions 2030

The GIM foresight study "Values & Visions 2030" looks into the future and at the same time takes a bird's eye view of the world to identify megatrends: five … Learn more


GIM Cyclist-Typology (2018)

The study "I want to ride my bicycle" identifies five distinct user types that differ in their attitudes to cycling (hedonistic vs. pragmatic) and their … Learn more