Market research around household cleaning and washing

In particular, everyday consumer goods are often a clear and rapid manifestation of current social and technological developments.

Megatrends such as the societal "value shift," but also a changed economic environment for many people, require at the very least to think ahead in concrete product development. In some cases, the entire product life cycle needs to be innovated - and, last but not least, marketing needs to be rethought: 

  • How masculine must/can a cleaning cloth be today, for example? 
  • What is a reasonable market entry price given inflation?
  • How credible can a sustainability promise be in a toilet cleaner's social media channel that removes "even the toughest dirt"? 
  • Why do we see so few "diverse" people, Muslims, or "colored people" in homecare commercials?

It's questions like these - and many more - that show: 

Today, more than ever, the detergents and cleaning agents industry is confronted with changing social conditions and consumer-driven demands for intelligent, innovative solutions!

At the same time, the tension between sustainability and performance is increasing.

In these (admittedly also exciting!) times of widespread upheaval, our GIM Homecare Experts will accompany you throughout the research process and beyond:

From generating inspiring consumer insights, testing product concepts and communication approaches to value and future research in cooperation with GIM foresight.

Get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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GIM Cleaning & Washing offers you:

  • Consumer insights that take you further—worldwide: With the help of a selected partner network, we accompany Italian consumers as they clean their bathrooms or take a look at German wardrobes and Swedish washrooms for you.
  • Flexibility & agility: Speed and implementation orientation with the highest possible customer focus is a matter of course for us.
  • Customised study designs: With the help of a broad portfolio of methods, we conceive study designs that generate varied data collection and exciting insights even in standard projects.
  • Customer-centred communication of results: Based on your requirements, we not only offer you variable options for the presentation of results based on individual cost and time budgets, but also tailor-made communication of results in the form of review boards, workshops or poster sessions.

All this we offer you on the basis of one of the broadest and proven highest quality research solutions on the market!

In addition, depending on your needs and questions, we also resort to our specialized solutions "beyond research" - of course in the usual GIM quality!

Contact us if you would like to understand the current homecare market even better. We look forward to hearing from you!

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