High quality and along your value chain!

Our research solutions and our "beyond research" offerings provide you with the solid foundation for making the right decisions in increasingly complex environments. No frills, implementation-oriented, tailored to you!

What makes us special is that we design our solutions alongside your key product and service development activities. In this way, we ensure that you get exactly the insights you need at every single stage of the process. In other words: We configure our research process along your value creation funnel!

True to the motto "The main thing is to keep you on top of things", we have divided our proven solutions into four teams: Highlights, Specials, Beyonds and Classics. Take your time and have a look around – there is sure to be something in our "quartet of solutions" that addresses your questions.

Our "Highlights"

Here you will find offers that are either new to the GIM portfolio or that provide answers to your particular questions – or both. You will find your contact persons for our "Highlights" on the respective subpages.

Our "Specials"

Our solutions that address specific research questions, cover "special" research topics or have a particular methodological focus. And in some solutions there is also a portion of "GIM Heritage", because it has been part of our portfolio from the beginning ( for more than 30 years) – e.g. ethnographic research.

Our "Beyonds"

These are our solutions "beyond research". Our teams of senior experts are active for you at the usual high GIM level!  

GIM analytics

GIM analytics creates maximum value from your data! To do this, we combine skills from data science and software development.

GIM analytics Website

GIM consult

GIM consult synchronizes your corporate interests with your target group requirements.

GIM consult Website

GIM c.o.r.e.

GIM c.o.r.e. researches your company culture and provides insights for your strategic employee management and retention.

GIM c.o.r.e. Website

GIM direct

GIM direct is a subsidiary of GIM specialized in customer feedback and customer dialog. Your address for CX and CF topics!

GIM direct Website

GIM experience

GIM experience complements the classic UX KPI framework with emotional and motivational aspects of the consumer's psyche.

GIM experience Website

GIM foresight 

GIM foresight is our research and consulting hub for strategic future questions about your brand, target group and communication.

GIM foresight Website

Our "Classics"

These are solutions that should be part of the "basic equipment" for a full-service institute like us. At first, we wanted to call them "Basics", but then we changed our mind: It would perhaps be tempting to belittle the importance that each individual solution or method has in a concrete project. And we want to avoid that at all costs!

  • CATI / Telephone interviews
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Expert Interviews
  • F2F Interviews / CAPI
  • Focus Groups/Group Discussion
  • GIM Value Visuals™
  • Home Use Tests
  • Inhome Interviews
  • Innovation Workshop
  • Creative Workshops
  • Lead User Groups
  • Marketing Mix Research (4P)
  • Online Community
  • Online Interview / CAWI
  • RTR-Methods/Real-Time-Response
  • (Online) Diaries
  • In-Depth-Interviews
  • Video-based Behaviour Analysis
  • Virtual Reality
  • Advertising media tests (Ad Evaluation)
  • Advertising effectiveness research (Ad Impact)
  • Target Group Research