Design is a “big thing” in 2015!

Design is a relevant USP.
Everybody talks about design.

But what exactly is design?

Design is far more than the appearance.

Design is

  • Creativity combined with
  • brand  strategy
  • Communication
  • Function
  • Aesthetics

GIM is guiding you
through the entire
design research process!

Starting with initial scribbles,
prototypes – to achieve a
market-ready product and beyond.

In collaboration with the trade magazine Research & Results, the Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung has published a series of compact articles on...

On June 11, the Swiss association of marketing and social research (vsms) hosted an “impulse event“ in Zurich with the slogan “Emotions decide – do emotions...

At the beginning of June, a new trend research expert has joined GIM Suisse: Dr. Mirjam Hauser is now supporting the GIM team in Zurich lead by Susan Shaw and...


GIM, Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung, started life in 1987 as a small specialist company and has since grown into one of Germany's leading market research institutes. We offer qualitative and quantitative market research and can thus provide the appropriate research solution for your needs and area of investigation.

In every phase of each project, we optimize our methods on an on-going basis. We always employ the most suitable solution, be it ethnography, focus groups, in-depth interviewing, conjoint, multivariate procedures, tracking-studies, car clinics or research at the POS. Our passion is research and we practice this passion at an international level.

We always place the individual at the centre of our studies.
GIM, Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung, is a multi-specialist, meaning we offer the highest level of competence across the range of market-research techniques.
Discover our diversity for yourself.