Our Values

GIM bases its behaviour towards all stakeholders on a canon of values.

This means that its behaviour towards its clients, its research participants (the respondents, participants in studies) and its employees is as much influenced by these values as the quality of the research.

At GIM, these values are thus significant guidelines for the “Corporate Governance”, the “Corporate Behaviour” and the “Research Ethos”.

Principles of our Research

Objectivity and quality are the building bricks of our research 
Our research complies with scientific standards and is comprehensively focused on delivering objective knowledge. Only valid and reliable research can provide the knowledge and understanding which informs successful decisions. GIM can guarantee delivery of this knowledge via the meticulous and academically proven variety of approaches to market research as well as countless quality control measures which are implemented at all stages of the research. Our consistent quality orientation finds its expression in ISO certification 20252 2012-06.

By combining perspectives from a variety of disciplines, we are able to deliver a holistic, transdisciplinary insight. This is made possible by our interdisciplinary team of specialists from the fields of psychology, social and cultural science, linguistics, ethnology, economics as well as communication and media sciences. This multifaceted professional competence enables us to develop the appropriate solution for every problem. 

Diversity in the design 
The diversity of our research is not just the result of our clients' extensive scope of questions. GIM has diversity written into its DNA. Due to the fact that GIM controls the whole range of themes and requirements, we can evaluate the consumer's perspective in its entirety. This holistic view of their customers gives our clients a decisive view outside the box and guarantees the validity of the research. 

In our globalized world, every consumer perspective is also globalized. GIM researches on all five continents in over 30 countries. We have established trusted partnerships with local institutes which we continually draw on as well as our own GIM network with branches in Germany, France and Switzerland. A considerable amount of the research we carry out is international. However, GIM does not define international research as just carrying out research in several different countries. To a much greater extent, it means utilizing the “Global Insight Management” principle. By using cultural brokerage, the research methods we employ as well as the interpretation of results are adapted to their cultural context and summarized using inter-cultural comparisons.