"Sustainability & Brand Management": New GIM foresight Whitepaper


Sustainability is one of the fundamental change processes of our time. Almost all relevant areas of society are affected by it, and with it our consumer behaviour. But to what extent are industries and brands perceived as sustainable? And what are the reasons for and against sustainable consumer behavior?

These and other questions are answered in the new white paper of GIM foresight "Sustainability & Brand Management. Accompanying Consumers in Times of Transformation". The whitepaper offers you more consumer understanding and seven general guidelines for sustainable brand management. 

"Sustainability & Brand Management" is based on the results of a population representative GIM foresight study in Germany. In this study, 15 industries with six brands each were examined in detail.

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If you are interested in the detailed industry deep dives, please contact the GIM foresight team. We wish you an informative read!

About GIM foresight: GIM foresight is our research and consulting hub for strategic future questions regarding brands, target groups and communication.


For further information, please contact:
Laura Bechtold