Keynote by Dr. Hannes Fernow at creativ verpacken dialog 2020


Dr. Hannes Fernow, Director at the research and consulting hub for future issues GIM foresight, gave the keynote speech at the annual conference of creativ verpacken. Under the key question "Unpacking the future - What consequences does the 'wild card' corona have for human values", the futurologist spoke about research results of the current study "The Black Swan COVID-19".

Dr. Hannes Fernow at creativ verpacken dialog 2020.
(c) Stefan Zeitz.

The 21st creativ verpacken dialog took place in Berlin in mid-September, this year under the motto "Look into the glass ball. Which packaging does the future need?". The dialog is the annual conference of the trade magazine "creativ verpacken" and offers a platform for exchange for marketing, packaging and product management.


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