GIM re-certified as sustainable company


GIM has been re-certified as a sustainable company by the city of Heidelberg as part of the initiative "Sustainable Management for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises". The first certification was awarded in 2012.

In the scope of the award, the city honored the planning and implementation of concrete measures such as sustainable waste and energy management, a working method oriented towards sustainability, the infrastructural prerequisites for this (e.g. the building and equipment) and also that the company's employees were involved in these measures and were motivated accordingly.

GIM sustainability agent Julia Münch and the team of GIM's internal sustainability and environmental protection initiative "GIM goes Green" (GGG) were responsible for the implementation of the measures. In various workshops and project events, GGG worked out different strategies to increase sustainability.

The aim of the municipal project "Sustainable Management" is to support small and medium-sized enterprises in introducing an environmental management system. The project participants formulate an environmental program with measures for improvement and are advised during implementation. For further information on "sustainable management" please follow this link (only available in German).

Further information on GIM's social responsibility can be found under this link.


For further information, please contact:
Frank Luschnat