Qualitative F2F research projects possible again



Together with Quotapoint, GIM conducted several personal F2F test interviews in "corona-prepared" facilities. The aim of the initiative was to find out in which methodological and organisational framework personal qualitative research is possible again.

A result of the pilot interviews: The window to carry out personal qualitative research projects is again open despite ongoing corona regulations. From the perspective of the participants, personal IDIs are possible again without problems. The participants did not feel disturbed neither by plexiglass walls nor by keeping distance to others. Overall, the interview situation was not perceived as unnatural.

The implementation of focus groups is associated with higher hurdles, but in general possible. Also from the test persons' point of view the groups of up to five persons with appropriate shielding, safety distances and adherence to all hygiene measures are conceivable (and conform to the applicable official regulations).

GIM Managing Director Stephan Teuber: "Serious, face-to-face qualitative research is possible again! This is an important, positive signal for our industry. I was particularly pleased to see how motivated the test persons were to participate in our little 'experiment': It's finally starting again! People are happy to talk again about other topics than the pandemic. That was the consensus tenor.

You can download the complete press release on the research cooperation here in German. In addition, planung&analyse has published an article on the topic (read here in German).


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