News 2020

GIM analytics again wins BVM Data Science Cup! (09.11.2020)
For the second time after 2018, GIM analytics Senior Director Data Science & Software Engineering, Dr. Sebastian Bönisch, has won the Data Science Cup of the BVM (Professional Association of German Market and Social Researchers). The award honors Big Data experts who best solve given data analysis challenges under competitive ... learn more

Corona study by GIM and University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (14.10.2020)
Dr. Sebastian Bönisch, Senior Director Data Science & Software Engineering, and Silke Moser, GIM Corporate Director, together with six researchers from the Institute for Medical Biometry and Epidemiology at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, have published a peer-reviewed paper in the journal Frontiers in Public Health. ... learn more

ARD/ZDF Online Study 2020 Published (09.10.2020)
GIM has conducted the ARD/ZDF Online Study 2020. ARD and ZDF are the largest public broadcasting corporations in Germany. The core result of the survey: the number of Internet users in Germany has risen again, with media offerings benefiting the most. On average, the Internet is used for almost 3.5 hours every day. ... learn more

Keynote by Dr. Hannes Fernow at creativ verpacken dialog 2020 (30.09.2020)
Dr. Hannes Fernow, Director at the research and consulting hub for future issues GIM foresight, gave the keynote speech at the annual conference of creativ verpacken. Under the key question "Unpacking the future - What consequences does the 'wild card' corona have for human values", the futurologist spoke about research results ... learn more

GIM re-certified as sustainable company (18.09.2020)
GIM has been re-certified as a sustainable company by the city of Heidelberg as part of the initiative "Sustainable Management for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises". The first certification was awarded in 2012. In the scope of the award, the city honored the planning and implementation of concrete measures ... learn more

GIM Event Attendance in Autumn 2020 (09.09.2020)
GIM is attending the three most relevant German market research industry events from mid-September to early October. At GOR20, GIM is nominated for the Best Practice Award with its new geo location tracking tool GIM Traces. Corporate Director Silke Moser presents GIM Traces together with Frank Goldberg ... learn more

GIM Study: "New seriousness" hits marketing (25.05.2020)
The results of the new representative GIM study "The 'Personality Shift' through the Corona Crisis" show: The corona crisis is currently shifting the value structure of many consumers towards a "new severity". For many, it is more a matter of maintaining their own prosperity and relying on well-known and well-tried concepts in ... learn more

"Sustainability & Brand Management": New GIM foresight Whitepaper (18.05.2020)
Sustainability is one of the fundamental change processes of our time. Almost all relevant areas of society are affected by it, and with it our consumer behaviour. But to what extent are industries and brands perceived as sustainable? And what are the reasons for and against sustainable consumer behavior? These and other questions ... learn more

Qualitative F2F research projects possible again (04.05.2020)
Together with Quotapoint, GIM conducted several personal F2F test interviews in "corona-prepared" facilities. The aim of the initiative was to find out in which methodological and organisational framework personal qualitative research is possible again. A result of the pilot interviews: The window to carry out personal qualitative research ... learn more

GIM Traces: New geolocation tracking offer (14.02.2020)
With GIM Traces, GIM launched a new type of research offer at the beginning of 2020, which generates knowledge about mobile target groups. GIM Traces links geodata with target group knowledge and thus provides "Insights from Outside". Visit the product website and get to know GIM Traces! ... learn more

GIM nominated for GOR Best Practice Award (11.02.2020)
GIM is nominated for the GOR Best Practice Award, which will be presented at the "General Online Research (GOR)" Conference 2020. The shortlist for the award includes case studies that successfully apply online research methods. The GIM competition entry is an advertising impact study for the advertisement of a new OTC product ... learn more

Patricia Blau with lecture at NEM 2020 (06.02.2020)
GIM Corporate Director Patricia Blau spoke at the 20th Euroforum Jahreskonfrenz Nahrungsergänzungsmittel (NEM; annual conference on food supplements) in Frankfurt am Main on 6 February. Her lecture under the title ... learn more

GIM 360° Tours: The new tool by GIM experience (13.01.2020)
The team of GIM experience offers a new tool for the realistic representation of rooms and products: The interactive GIM 360° Tours. With these tours, consumers can perceive environments as realistic experiences and evaluate them ... learn more