Dr. Stephan Telschow with Speech at POS connect Specialist Congress 2019


GIM Corporate Director Dr. Stephan Telschow gave a talk on 12.03.2019 at the POS connect congress in Munich. The lecture entitled "My face for cash back coupons?" provided the participants with the latest findings from GIM shopper research.

In his speech, Dr. Stephan Telschow focused on the question of the extent to which consumers are willing to share their personal data when shopping. Particular attention was paid to the aspects of what shoppers think about analytic tools, what user expectations they have of them and how lightly they disclose data.

The presentation was based on a recent GIM study on data usage and data sharing at the POS.

The organizer of the POS connect congress was the LBMA (Location Based Marketing Association e.V.), which describes itself as a platform for all location-based solutions and services of companies at the point of sale.

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