News 2019


GIM at planung&analyse Insights 2019 (30.08.2019)
This year, GIM once again attended the Insights Congress of planung&analyse on 29 and 30 August in Frankfurt am Main. Managing Director Dr. Jörg Munkes gave a talk on the first day of the congress entitled "How does your target group tick?" ... learn more

GIM with extended management (30.07.2019)
We are expanding our management: Dr. Jörg Munkes and Dr. Stephan Telschow move up to the management team and, together with Wilhelm Kampik and Stephan Teuber, form the GIM management with immediate effect. Dr. Jörg Munkes has been with GIM since 2003 and heads the quantitative ... learn more

Hanna Kribbel spoke at Lokalrundfunktage 2019 (05.07.2019)
Hanna Kribbel, GIM Research Manager and former radio creator, participated in a panel discussion at the Lokalrundfunktage 2019 in Nuremberg. Her talk "Game of Trainees" dealt with the question how radio station can ... learn more

GIM with presentation & poster session at the BVM Congress (15.05.2019)
At the 54th BVM Congress in Hamburg, GIM will be represented with two lectures on 21.5. Dr. Hannes Fernow will give a lecture on future research. Patricia Blau will also be offering a poster session with an interactive lecture based on the role-playing game "Dungeons & Dragons". ... learn more

Gen-Z experts give talks on "Digital vs. Real Self" inhouse study (13.05.2019)
The authors of GIM's inhouse study "Digital Self vs. Real Self", Corporate Director Patricia Blau and Senior Research Manager Tina Choi-Odenwald, will give two talks on their survey in May. On 27 May, they will present their findings at the sixth ResearchPlus ... learn more

GIM = More than Research Get to know our services better (30.04.2019)
Advanced Analytics, UX+, cultural foresight, CX+ and more. For a long time now, we have been offering you all this alongside our "classic" market research services at the highest level. From now on, you can access these services "beyond research" even faster - and at the same time ... learn more

GIM France at eighth Printemps des Études in Paris (14.04.2019)
On 11 and 12 April 2019, the GIM France team was represented with a stand and workshop at the eighth "Printemps des Études" in the Palais Brongniart in Paris. GIM France presented the results of the international GIM Food studies at the fair. The studies examine the eating behaviour ... learn more

GIM with lecture about Generation Z (23.03.2019)
"Generation Z - who's that?" GIM Senior Consultant Dr. Sigrid Schmid and GIM Corporate Director Dr. Jörg Munkes answered this question in their keynote speech on 28 March at the DLM Symposium 2019. The DLM Symposium was organized by "die medienanstalten" (the umbrella brand of the 14 state ... learn more

New GIM office in Wiesbaden (21.03.2019)
GIM has opened a new office in Wiesbaden. After Heidelberg (headquarters), Berlin, Nuremberg, Lyon, Zurich and Shanghai, Wiesbaden is GIM's seventh location. As Division Director at GIM Wiesbaden, Silke Moser currently has 13 experienced researchers at her side. DGOF board member ... learn more

Dr. Stephan Telschow with Speech at POS connect Specialist Congress (12.03.2019)
GIM Corporate Director Dr. Stephan Telschow gave a talk on 12.03.2019 at the POS connect congress in Munich. The lecture entitled "My face for cash back coupons?" provided the participants with the latest findings from GIM shopper research... learn more

GIM Academics: Our Experts' University Commitment (19.02.2019)
Quality-based market research needs theoretical grounding. Since the beginning of the research work for our customers, our research has been based on a solid foundation of scientifically approved methods ... learn more

New membership: GIM in the ADM (04.02.2019)
GIM joined the „Arbeitskreis Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforschungsinstitute e.V.“ (ADM) in January 2019. Alongside BVM, ADM is the most important association representing the interests of the German market research industry. As a member, GIM acts in accordance with the guidelines ... learn more