“China Spotlight“ – the GIM Trend Letter from China on marktforschung.de

Since March 2017, Yiming Chen, our colleague from the GIM China office in Shanghai, has been blogging about “China Spotlights“ on the leading portal of our industry, marktforschung.de

In this blog, Yiming is reporting regularly on trends which are relevant to Chinese society, but especially to the country’s marketing and market research industry. 

Post 1: “Creators never follow – The World of the Chinese Generation Y“, which our colleague Yiming (born in 1986) also feels he belongs to. This new generation of open-minded and creative Chinese with a rather western orientation is just about to leave its very own mark on China’s deeply traditional society. To see the complete post, please click here

Post 2: “Customization and Co-Creation – Chinese Consumers are Prosumers as well”. The topic of this post is the increasing service orientation and the high standards of the young Chinese elite when it comes to brands and products. To see the complete post, please click here

Post 3: “China, a Great Digital Wonderland“ shows the wide spectrum of digital offerings in China and how they are used very naturally by the Chinese population (old and young, in cities and the countryside). To see the complete post, please click here

Post 4: “WeChat, the Center of China’s Digital Life“. In this post, Yiming explains WeChat, the Chinese digital multi tool which is used by nearly 800 million people every day and combines features of facebook, twitter and countless apps and payment functions. To see the complete post, please click here

Post 5: “The Importance of WeChat for Economic Life in China”. In this post, Yiming explains us how WeChat is used commercially. He makes clear that data protection and digital security only play a minor role for Chinese consumers. To see the complete post, please click here

Post 6: “The Chinese People’s Love for Sports Cars“. In this post, Yiming tells us a bit about the huge auto show which takes place in Shanghai at the end of April and about the type of cars which make Chinese hearts beat faster. And there are sports car clubs in China, too! To see the complete post, please click here.

Post 7: “Chinese Bicycle Boom 3.0“. In this post, Yiming tells us about the bike rental boom that Chinese cities are currently experiencing. After bikes had clearly been displaced by cars in recent years, they have been returning to the streetscape for about a year. More and more people are using bicycles again, but most of them are rented. Especially the e-bikes seem to be a welcomed alternative to endless traffic jams and crowded public transport. Interestingly, the bike rental companies are using all the digital user data to improve their service and may use the data in the future to provide individualized adverts to them too. To see the complete post, please click here.

Post 8: So far, the general topic of many of Yiming’s articles were mostly that Chinese consumers are very modern in many ways and adapt new global trends very quickly. This article “Neo-Traditionalism among the Young Chinese Elite: Return to Chinese Values” is about a trend which goes just the opposite way: a return to Chinese values and traditional culture. If you want to learn more about this interesting phenomen, read the full article, please click here.

Post 9: In this trend letter from China Yiming describes how today’s Chinese population travels – within China and abroad. “Chinese hit by the Travel Bug” shows you that Asian countries are far more popular than the many Chinese tourists in places like Paris or Florence would make you think. After having read this article you will understand that traveling will certainly increase in China. Making several trips a year will be an integral part of Chinese lives. And the travelling desires and needs will become as differentiated as they have been in countries like Germany for a long time. The old travel mode of “10-countries-in-10-days” will become less and less popular. Chinese travellers will take more time for experiences, gradually broaden their horizons and feel that they are global citizens – who have access to French cooking classes in Paris, heated soccer games in Madrid or extreme outdoor tours in New Zealand. As  well as to relaxing trips to their local Chinese countryside. If you want to learn more, please click here.

Post 10: "The Chinese Chocolate Boom – Culinary Culture in Transition". Chocolate has become more and more popular in China in the past years. Similar to wine and coffee it stands for a western livestyle and popular as a small present or souvenir. However, chocolate snacks have recently grown in popularity and the chocolate market increasingly differentiates itself. If you want to learn more about the Chinese chocolate taste and how firms create and use the chocolote-boom, please click here

Post 11: "Chinese New Year – more Traditional and more Digital!". New Year in China is the most important holiday of the year. This blog article describes how this day is celebrated, which traditions are important and how they are interpreted by consumers and manufacuters in China today. Please click here

Post 12: "The new Chinese baby boom and its consequences…". Since 2015 Chinese families are allowed to have two children. In this blog post Yiming Chen reports which impacts this has on society and which baby-products Chinese manufacturers advertise. Please click here

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