News 2017

Articles on Research in challenging environments
The conditions for doing research are not everywhere as good as in Germany. There are markets where conducting research studies for our clients is more problematic. We all know this, but due to the tight schedules of our daily work, we often do not find the time to really ... read more

Implicit Methods: Insights into Consumers‘ Souls
There is a significant part of our behaviour that we do not consciously control ourselves. People who usually like to be in charge might not like it – but that’s the way it is. Particularly in the context of consumption, much of what we do are “automatic” actions. Other things we ... read more

Future Mobility Congress: Dr. Kerstin Ullrich talks about the mobility consumer of the future
There are more and more signs indicating that the much quoted “new mobility” could become a reality soon. The discussions about the adverse effects of cars on health and the climate become more heated, both, among politicians and in the media. Suppliers of new mobility … read more

Shopping groceries online: Dr. Mirjam Hauser on Swiss TV
E-commerce has long been an inherent part of our shopping behaviour. However, most consumers still shy away from ordering groceries online. While in South Korea almost … read more

Food Experts: Dr. Jörg Munkes at "Rhizome 17"
Our experts are keeping up with the topic of the “networked future“. After GIM has recently joined the innovation network Connected Living, Corporate Director Dr. Jörg Munkes was invited as an expert on the topic of “food of the future” to Rhizome 17 in Hamburg … read more

Values & Visions 2030 in trade publications 
The large GIM future and value study - Values & Visions 2030 - was recently mentioned in various relevant market research trade publications … read more

GIM joins “Connected Living” innovation network
GIM is the very first market research institute to join the ‘Connected Living’ innovation centre. The network of members with its headquarters in Berlin offers companies the opportunity to come together with other businesses, associations and research facilities to … read more

GIM at “Insights 2017”
GIM's in-house band has again performed at the planung & analyse Insights Congress. This year, the trade event was held in Frankfurt am Main on 23 and 24 August, under the motto "Joy of Research". The two days were packed with talks, workshops and opportunities for … read more

Dr. Stephan Telschow puts ‘agility’ into perspective for w&v
Several weeks ago, we were able to interview our colleague and GIM Corporate Director Dr. Stephan Telschow on the subject of  ‘Agile Market Research’ at our Research Blog. As part of a contribution on our GIM Radar research blog, he explained in detail the significance of … read more

This Is Why We Germans Eat! – GIM’s new study for food deciders
What are people’s reasons for eating? What drives them when it comes to food intake? What are the underlying motivations? Which functions do foodstuffs have? And which role do different “settings” play for our meals? These and many other questions were examined by our … read more

Wilhelm Kampik assesses ECJ verdict on German channel SWR
From now on, manufacturers will have to find different names for plant-based products like veggie cheese or “tofu butter”. This is what the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled in mid-June. According to the verdict, it is not allowed to sell purely plant-based products under … read more

Speech by Dr. Tomas Jerković about brand image research at the University of Hohenheim
The image of brands is one of the most fascinating topics of brand research. On June 20, GIM Research Director Dr. Tomas Jerković will talk about this topic at the University of Hohenheim. The event will be hosted by the renowned Institute of Communication Science and … read more

Values & Visions 2030 – Germany’s First Universal Study on Value Development
Which values will prevail in the year 2030? What will be relevant for society, what will become irrelevant? What do people hope for, what do they fear? And which consequences does all this have for companies, products and services? These and many other questions about the … read more

Article: Semiotics – Dress Your Brand Perfectly!
Semiotics is not exactly a market researcher’s favourite topic. Only the edgiest ones among them would dare to claim that. It is complicated, abstract, cumbersome and in the worst case incomprehensible – these are common associations with the “science of sign systems”. However, semiotics can actually … read more

“China Spotlight“ – the GIM Trend Letter from China on

Since March 2017, Yiming Chen, our colleague from the GIM China office in Shanghai, has been blogging about “China Spotlights“ on the leading portal of our industry, read more

Young Professionals‘ Media Usage: Dr. Rusanna Gaber Co-Authors Article in “Media Perspektiven“
In cooperation with ARD media research experts, GIM Senior Research Manager and media researcher Dr. Rusanna Gaber has published an article in the trade journal “Media Perspektiven“. The article deals with the question of how professionals between the age of 20 and 29 use which … read more

GIM Sponsors and Contributes Speech at “Qual 360 Europe” in Amsterdam
In mid February, the international conferenece “Qual360 Europe” will take plase in Amsterdam. For two days, renowned Speakers will exclusively discuss current Highlights in qualitative market research. GIM will be present at the event as one of the Gold Sponsors, but … read more

GIM supports Oxfam Initiative “Entrepreneurs Help Entrepreneurs”
GIM Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung has joined the Oxfam Initiative “Entrepreneurs Help Entrepreneurs”. Oxfam is an international confederation that works in cooperation with people in poor countries and especially focuses on sustainable development projects … read more