Presentation on Physician Journey – a New Perspective

On March 1st, GIM Senior Research Manager Elif Aksit and Research Manager Sandra Kinne will hold a speech at the Germany Local Chapter Meeting of the European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association (EphMRA) in Berlin.

For the 5th time, members of the industry have the possibility to exchange and discuss current and relevant topics in the area of pharma market research at this EphMRA event in Germany. 

In their speech titled “Physician Journey – a new Perspective”, the GIM experts explain the relevance of Physician Journeys. The Physician Journey focuses on the course of the physician’s career. So far, market research in the area of health and healthcare mostly focused on the analysis of Patient Journeys in order to be able to better understand the patients’ needs during the course of their illness. However, it is known that the physician plays a central role in this. So far, physicians have only been researched with regard to the relevant touch points. But physicians go through different phases in their careers, too, and they also have specific turning points and changing needs.

In their speech, Ms. Aksit and Ms. Kinne present the research results of four case studies that researched physicians’ needs and touch points at different turning points in their career. The generated insights present new starting points for sales representatives and targeted content marketing by manufacturers.

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If you are interested in our health research, please contact Elif Aksit and Sandra Kinne.