GOR 2016: Panel discussion with GIM Managing Director Stephan Teuber

GIM Managing Director Stephan Teuber will take part in a panel discussion at the General Online Research (GOR) 2016 conference on 4 March. The subject of discussion will be the future role of market research in the light of changes taking place in the industry. This year’s conference is being held in Dresden from 2 to 4 March 2016.

The 60-minute discussion is entitled “Cool, I’m a market researcher?! On the hard facts, the soft facts, and an occupational profile in flux” and will deal with the image of market research, the main business insights, and the professional requirements involved in the interdisciplinary and intercultural research. The panel will also discuss the major challenges being faced by the market research sector as a result of ongoing digitalisation (e.g. “big data”).

The GOR is held on an annual basis by the German Society for Online Research (DGOF) in cooperation with a local partner. The conference serves as a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue and an exchange of the latest methods, innovations and current developments in the field of online research. This year, the conference has for the first time been organised in collaboration with the Technische Universität Dresden.

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If you’d like to learn more about the transition of the market research industry, feel free to contact GIM Managing Directors Stephan Teuber or Wilhelm Kampik. If you’d like to find out more about “data experience”, you’re welcome to contact Corporate Director Dr. Friedemann Weber.