GIM Welcomes Musicology Students from University of Zurich

In the scope of an excursion on the topic of “Festival Management”, students of the Institute of Musicology of the Zurich University have recently visited GIM Heidelberg.

One of the reasons for this exchange of academic and practical research was the ten-year cooperation between GIM and the international music festival “Heidelberger Frühling”. In the scope of the visit, GIM Senior Research Manager Sebastian Klein who holds a degree in Musicology gave a lecture about the study currently conducted in cooperation between GIM and HDF: In the so-called “Indirect Profitability Study” the economic influence of the festival on the city of Heidelberg as a location for business is researched. The results of the study will be published in the near future.

The main goal of the speech was to give the students of the project seminar Festival Management an understanding of the music festival Heidelberger Frühling and the corresponding research activities in order to derive and discuss innovative concepts and strategies on how to make classical music festivals fit for the future. Against this background, Sebastian Klein also explains the meaning of market research studies for cultural events of this kind.

The musicology students were accompanied by Ms. Franziska Marie, research assistant at the Institute of Musicology and Peter Gartiser, tutor of the project seminar, partner and managing director of the cultural consultancy company “Metrum” who also enjoyed the speech.

If you want to know more about the cooperation or the study, please do not hesitate to contact GIM Senior Research Manager Sebastian Klein or GIM Research Manager Dr. Patrick Bacherle.