GIM-Experts moderate a Two-Day Healthcare BVM Seminar in Berlin

In early June, a team of 4 GIM researchers held several sessions of a two-day workshop in the scope of a seminar by the professional association of German market and social researchers BVM in Berlin.

The seminar titled “A journey between RX, OTC & FMCG – benefitting from differences and similarities and promoting development” addresses company’s in-house market research managers and marketing and product managers from all areas of the pharmaceutical industry.

Main focus of the two-day event was the transfer of knowledge and thoughts between research-related work flows of the sub-sectors RX (prescription drugs), OTC (over-the-counter/non-prescription drugs) and FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) of which the seminar participants could benefit during their daily work.

On the first day, GIM Research Director Doris Fuchs moderated a “World Café” about new approaches of Customer Insight Research in the healthcare segment. Later, she also presented case studies for insight generation: one focussing on the Customer Journey, the other one focussing on the “patient in the internet”.

On the second day, the experts from GIM Berlin, Research Manager Bastian Fischer, Research Manager Hannes Fernow and Hanna Kribbel, moderated a Design Thinking Workshop.

The BVM Seminar was run by Dr. Christiane Quaas (Böhringer Ingelheim), Professor Dirk Frank (ISM) and Doris Fuchs.

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