GIM Automotive Researchers with Insightful Mobility Article in Trade Magazine p&a

How will people get around in future cities, urban centres or megacities with many millions of inhabitants – or also in rural areas? Will cars be banned from city centres? Will they run on electricity? Or hydrogen? In how far will daily mobility routines change due to societal, technological and political developments and decisions?

GIM’s Automotive & Mobility Research team has researched these and many more questions for numerous years on behalf of automotive manufacturers and other mobility and logistics suppliers.

In their readworthy article published in the trade magazine “planung & analyse” (p&a), two of these GIM experts, Dr. Kerstin Ullrich (responsible for GIM’s mobility research) and Dr. Jörg Munkes (Director of GIM’s quantitative research GIM Numeric) had a look at the topic of “Mobility” from a different perspective.

The core thesis of the article “Focus on People” reads as follows: In order to successfully do research on the topic of future mobility for your clients, one cannot only look at the topic from a technological point of view (digitisation, engines, electrification) but needs to take into consideration how people with all their (mobility) needs feel about this. And this is what the two GIM authors do in their article: they take a closer look at people and their needs.

Click here to read the current p&a article or download the pdf.

If you have any questions about our mobility or automotive market research or want to give direct feedback to the article, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Kerstin Ullrich +49 (0)6221 832880 or Dr. Jörg Munkes +49 (0)6221 832834.