EphMrA Annual Conference: GIM Health Experts Give Talks

June 22–23 has been the main event of the European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association (EphMrA) in Frankfurt, Hessen (Germany). The two-day conference brought together international market research experts and marketing experts as well as product managers from the health and pharmaceutical industry. GIM had their own exhibition stand to welcome any visitors with a team of four health research experts, and contributed to the rich conference programme with interesting and insightful lecture topics.

Senior Research Director Patricia Blau and Dr. Christiane Quaas (Boehringer Ingelheim) addressed the topic of packaging design: The plenary talk “Get your box out of the box. Packaging work in the light of brand building” will make a case for strategic packaging research regarding Rx and OTC products. Three case studies will be presented as examples outlining a potential research process.

In addition to that, Research Manager Julia Eymann gave a talk on how humour and playful stimulus materials (e. g. modelling clay or Playmobil scenes) can be used in interviews or focus groups with patients to support exploration and obtain more relevant results. Her presentation was entitled “How sensitive research topics can benefit from humour and playful stimulus materials”. Finally, Research Director Doris Fuchs hold a speech in the context of “Physicians Journey – a new perspective”. GIM’s team has been completed by GIM France Managing Director Monja Messner.

For more information on this event or GIM Health Research, please do not hesitate to contact Patricia Blau +49 (0)6221 832842 or Frank Luschnat +49 (0)6221 832885.